The 7 Graces of Marketing Global Conference

Let the diaologue begin!

The 7 Graces Global Conference is coming to London and via worldwide live stream on 22nd, 23rd and 24th June 2012. To read the complete agenda for this 3-day event, and register for either the London conference or live stream/virtual breakout sessions, CLICK HERE.

The 7 Graces Global Conference (7GGC) is neither a ‘trade show’ nor a training event. It is a meeting of minds where business owners, large and small, along with a conscious consumers and members of volunteer groups will gather together to create a vision for the future of business, marketing and commerce. Positive change can only come about via three elements, the foundation of which we aim to create through this event:

  • Awareness raising/education
  • Community and mutual support
  • Creating a ‘tipping point’ of key influencers who embraces this awareness and put it into practice in their own work and daily lives.

We invite you to become a part of this “Tipping Point”

Who should attend…

  • Business owners from corporate executives to sole proprietors, who know that our current models of marketing and business are not serving society or our environment. Perhaps you have great ideas of your own to share, or perhaps you are looking for ideas. Or perhaps you are seeking collaborative opportunities with other ethical business owners.
  • Aspiring business owners, who might feel overwhelmed when faced with the coldness and disconnection of modern marketing and business networking.
  • Marketing professionals, who feel alienated and upset by the use of persuasion, invasion, deception and scarcity in so much of marketing today, but often feel like a lone voice against it within the industry.
  • Journalists, media professionals and creative artists, who are tired of having their artistic and professional integrity dictated or compromised by advertisers.
  • Members of non-profit and volunteer groups, whose focus is upon awareness raising around environmentalism, ecology, alternative energy, alternative economies, social responsibility, human rights, etc.
  • Conscious consumers, who want to help create a better world for their children, but feel alone against the rest of the status quo.

Find out how you can attend from anyplace in the world by visiting the 7 Graces Global Conference (7GGC)


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