9 Reasons to Hire a Coach

Since it may not be clear to all of you how a personal / executive coach can support you, here’s some info that might help you reach an informed decision.

As a coach I have no inherent agenda, no special interest served by the relationship. The coaching relationship is focused on what you wish to address, investigate or resolve.


Many people feel overwhelmed with obligations; yet life is too chaotic to respond to all of them. The coach and the client co-create structures to clear chaos.

Forwarding the Action

The coach does not pose the question ” Why? ” Moving forward, not looking back, serves the interests of the client.

Unconditional Support

The coach is unconditionally supportive of the client, accepting, not judging. Who else in the client’s life will be this objective?


Is there enough fun in your life? Or is there only time for work? In what areas of life are you satisfied? Where can things be improved? In our coaching relationship, we pursue your unique definition of balance.


Problems appear irresolvable if we limit our search for answers to the first notions that occur to us. Only when looking at other perspectives can we discover the most appealing, workable and complete solutions.

Discovery and Development

Inquiry, intuition, conscious listening and advocacy are some of the coach’s tools. When the client makes discoveries, change happens and development occurs.


What principles guide us? On what values are our important life decisions based? If we had all the money we needed, how would we pass our days?


Often the coach functions as a “partner” in pursuit of a client’s goals. How can you benefit from having a partner who is undeniably objective, committed to your goal, able to work with you to craft wisdom and strategies and who doesn’t want your compensation or recognition?

Being and Doing

We are human beings, not human doings, yet we devote more energy to doing than being. Although it is important to be in action, coaching also examines the processing of life; how we feel, how we want to feel, how we are perceived and how to effect changes in this domain.

Coaching by me is not ‘fluffy’, ‘new age’, or ‘soft’. It’s about creating a clear path for the future and make it happen. If you would like to know more about me or my coaching, please visit my website: www.tondegraaf.com.

I hope this helps you make an informed decision.


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