Month: January 2015

Worldwide Coaching Magazine: Creativity (January 2015 edition)

WCM January 2015


Wikipedia describes Creativity as a phenomenon whereby something new and in some way valuable is created (such as an idea, a joke, a literary work, painting or musical composition, a solution, an invention etc).

A great example is the cover of this month’s magazine. This ‘Rainbow Multiscape’ was created by Graig Colvin, a professional photographer and educator located in San Jose, California. He created this image by presenting bodies in a creative way, thus adding value by offering the viewer a different perspective on the human body.

In our profession we often do the same; offering our clients a new perspective on situations already known to them. By doing this we make room for new thoughts that might lead to different, more effective, actions.

We add value by creating our own coaching processes, coaching methods and coaching practices. Therefor we are the creators of not only our own lives but also the lives of our coachees.

In this edition we focus on creativity in our coaching practice; creating more value for our coachees but also more value to our own coaching practice.

We also offer you some insights in how your peers use their creativity to attract new clients and get some astonishing results. If you are looking for ways to build your coaching business, I cordially invite you to join us on February 5th for a complimentary webinar (turn to page 14 for more info and to reserve your spot).

Hope to ‘see’ you then!


Ton de Graaf, Chartered Business Coach™

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

In this edition:

The True Voyage of Discovery By Leanne Hoagland-Smith
Exclusive Interview With The Founder Of The Worldwide Coaching Magazine By Sai Blackbyrn
Courage, Creativity and Confidence By Julia von Flotow
Business Building Webinar By Ton de Graaf & Sai Blackbyrn
Managing the Loneliness of Being a Coach By Prof. David Clutterbuck
Tool Kit: Doodling! By Lyn Christian
Creating Wisdom – Guiding wise Creativity By Grant Soosalu
Leadership Is A Contact Sport – New Research! By Marshall Goldsmith
Coaching to Increase Creativity in a Client’s Life – Creative Coaching By Padraig O’Sullivan
Interview with Sue Krebs (How she got 2,400,000 fans on Facebook) By Sai Blackbyrn
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