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How do you coach clients that are more intelligent and knowledgeable than you are?

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I hope you have had a chance to sample some of the sessions from this year’s pre-summit series for WBECS.As a final gift to you prior to the start of the Full Summit in a couple weeks, here is a fantastic session for you from one of the World’s Top 50 Coaches, Howard Morgan.To coach at the highest level means that you are able to confidently Coach CEOs and Senior Executives that are more intelligent and knowledgeable than you.

Learn how here: Full Summit starts on June 12th and the regular price is $697. However, when you purchase a ticket by 31st May you will be able to secure the ‘earlybird’ price of just $297 – a savings of $400.I can assure you this is an exceptional deal for the caliber of presenters  and level of learning available from such a large number the true thought leaders in our industry. And best of all it is has no sales pitches.

You can find full details of the summit here: WBECS 2013

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask my good friend and WBECS president Ben Croft directly by emailing

You are making a great investment into your coaching career at a super price!

Sincerely and… coach now,

Ton de Graaf
Chartered Business Coach™

Marshall Goldsmith recording and final week WBECS Sessions

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Earlier this week saw one of the coaching industry’s true legends presenting a complimentary session, as part of WBECS.

I thought you might appreciate this recording, in case you missed it. You can catch it here:

It is a super high value 30 minute session where Dr. Marshall Goldsmith begins with an analysis of how we often ignore Peter Drucker‘s great advice as we wander through life.

He shares his concrete suggestions on how to improve our chances of successfully influencing decision makers, when we do not have direct line authority.

He then goes on to explain how to deal with people who disagree with us, even when we do have line authority. Dr. Goldsmith believes that these concepts are among the most useful suggestions that he makes when coaching top executives.

On top of this you still have one final week to join our amazing pre-summit WBECS 2013 sessions. To register for these, just follow these simple steps:

1. Click this link

2. Register for the for the pre-summit series.

3. Head to week five of the pre-summit and select which sessions you would like to attend.

Here are the session descriptions for you to select from:

How do you coach a person who is more knowledgeable – and smarter – than you?

Howard Morgan – One of the world’s top 50 coaches

Quite often, we tend to take coaching engagements that fall within our skill or knowledge base. But what happens when the person you are coaching has intelligence and a background that make it difficult for you to be the smartest person in the room? This session focuses on the method and techniques to use, so that the value you add utilises more of your coaching skills, and less of what you actually know about the subject.

Through this session, you will learn…

·        …how to be confident working with extremely bright people.

·        …to find key coaching opportunities.

·        …to win people over.


Five simple tweaks to get better results from your coaching website

Ian Brodie – Coach Marketing Specialist, recently voted one of Top Global Thought Leaders in Marketing and Sales

Your website is your single most important marketing tool as a coach. Yet so many coaches’ websites actually cost them clients, rather than winning clients. In this session you’ll learn five simple changes you can make to your website to help you build credibility, nurture relationships and encourage more client enquiries.

Through this session, you will learn…

·        …the two very different ‘thought modes’ in which potential clients arrive at your website, and how to respond to each.

·        …the number one reason most visitors ‘bounce’ from your site after just a few seconds.

·        …the first thing potential clients look for on your site, which is actually missing from most coaching websites.

·        …what sort of testimonials you need on your website (hint: 70 per cent or more of website testimonials are a waste of time).

·        …why most potential clients never fill in your contact form, and how to change this.

·        …the two most important items to add to your site to encourage a constant flow of clients.


Productivity strategies of ‘superachievers’ – How Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and others produce far more in less time than the rest of us

Darren Hardy – The visionary force behind SUCCESS magazine, as its Publisher and Founding Editor

SPECIAL SESSION – Darren is holding an hour-long session just for you. Using the thousands of printed pages and hundreds of hours of personal interviews with today’s most extraordinary achievers, SUCCESS Publisher Darren Hardy identifies the three distinctions between being an overwhelmed, overworked, overscheduled overachiever, and being a ‘superachiever’ – someone who produces stunning results with less effort, stress and time, leaving themselves free for hobbies and family.

Through this session, you will learn…

·        …the specific productivity strategies of Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Kenneth Cole, Richard Branson and Nike CEO Mark Parker.

·        …to understand your vital signs of strategic productivity.

·        …to master your vital functions and core fundamentals for extraordinary achievement.

·        …the key to staying focused and eliminating your distraction addiction.

·        …how to get yourself and others to do what we know we should do.

·        …to develop the key success habits to dramatically increase your success.

·        …to find and keep your motivation to stay consistent in the required disciplines for long-term sucess.


Leadership makes a difference

Barry Posner – Most trusted source for leadership development

Here are the facts you need to know. Leadership makes a difference. And it’s how people behave as leaders that matters – not their personality, function, age, gender, ethnicity, nationality or anything else. This session examines data from more than a million people around the globe, looking at what their leaders do that that creates an engaged and committed workforce. The full summit presentation will look more deeply into what exactly people are doing when they are leading, and the implications for both leaders and their coaches alike.

Through this session, you will learn…

*   …to get under the skin of what makes people engaged at work.

*   …to understand the importance of key leadership practices.

*   …to resolve the dilemma between leadership style and leadership behaviour.

*   …that leadership is everyone’s business, and why!


Selling to the C-Suite: How to get the attention of Senior Executives (and keep it)

Ago Cluytens – One of the world’s foremost experts on ‘winning the complex sale’ – selling high-end professional services to CxOs in the Fortune-500

The Golden Gate: Why you really, really want to sell to the C-Suite – Why Executives not just are different, but think different – The seven biggest mistakes sellers make when selling to the C-Suite – What you’ll need to be allowed into the C-Suite): A letter from a friend; an urgent, pressing and important problem (or opportunity); an attitude (and gravitas) that matches their own; proof that you’ve done this before and that it worked and will work again; the mindset of a true advisor; and the willingness to start adding value immediately – Five key questions to ask yourself before you even set foot in the door – How to develop your core account action plan.

Through this session, you will learn…

·        …what Senior Executives look for in services providers (based on extensive research, i.e. 700 transactions worth 3.1 Billion USD).

·        …why senior executives think differently, and what that means for you when trying to sell executive coaching services.

·        …the most common mistakes coaches make when trying to sell to the C-suite.

·        …seven things you’ll need to get the attention from, and to build relationships with, Senior Executives.

To register for any of these sessions, just follow these simple steps.

1. Click this link:

2. Register for the pre-summit series.

3. Head to week five of the pre-summit and select the sessions you would like to attend.

Each of the sessions is of course pitch free and will run for 30 minutes.

I hope you will be able to join us.

Kind regards,

Ton de Graaf

Chartered Business Coach™

Interview with Jamie Smart, Author of the Book “Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results”.

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 8 of the Virtual Blog Tour of author Jamie Smart whose book Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results is celebrating its big Amazon launch March 12th through March 31st, 2013 at

Jamie Smart is an internationally renowned writer, speaker, coach, trainer and consultant. Originally from Canada and now based in London, Jamie shows individuals and organizations the unexpected keys to clarity—the ultimate leverage point for creating more time, better decisions and meaningful results. Jamie is a gifted speaker, equally engaging in front of large audiences and more intimate groups. He’s passionate about helping individuals and businesses to deepen their understanding of Innate Thinking® and to create the results that matter to them. In addition to working with a handful of coaching clients and leading selected corporate programmes, Jamie runs professional development workshops for business leaders, trainers, coaches and consultants. He has appeared on Sky TV and on the BBC, as well as in numerous publications.

Yesterday, Jamie visited Shelagh Jones at, where she interviewed Jamie on this great podcast about his process in writing Clarity.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Jamie when I got to ask him some questions on information overload, workforce clarity and utilizing clarity for creativity & authenticity. I hope you enjoy it.


Ton de Graaf:  We are bombarded with enormous amounts of information each day and we do our best to keep up with everything that goes around. We process Tweets, Facebook posts, messages on LinkedIn groups, direct messages, e-mails, Pinterest Pins etc. How can we create more clarity and a deeper understanding of what we actually do, without feeling that we are missing out on things?

Jamie Smart: I’ve got some good news and bad news. FIrst the bad news: You’re missing out on things! More than 800,000 hours of video (that’s nearly 100 years!) get uploaded to the internet every day, not to mention the articles, photos and music. There’s no way you could stay on top of all the information that’s out there. Now the good news: the feeling of “missing out” only comes from one place; your thinking. We’re always feeling our thinking, moment to moment. Due to a trick of the mind, it looks like our feelings are coming from elsewhere eg. Email, bank balance, other people, missing out etc) but that’s an illusion. We’re always feeling our thinking.

And it turns out this is really good news. You see, the biggest issue with “information overwhelm” isn’t the quantity or nature of the information. It’s the feelings of stress / tension / overwhelm that people so often experience when their attention is consumed by it. Once again, when you’re in that situation, it looks like you’re overwhelmed by the information, but 100% of the feeling of overwhelm is coming from your thinking. The moment you insightfully see this, it’s a sign that your head is beginning to clear. And as your head clears, your wisdom will guide you in what information to attend to, and what to ignore. 

Ton de Graaf:  What is in your opinion the first thing a leader/manager has to do to bring more clarity to his workforce?

Jamie Smart: If a leader wants to bring more clarity to their workforce, the first thing the leader must do is find more clarity for him/herself. Clarity is contagious. When a leader has clarity of thought, it shows up as clarity in communication and action. This in turn gets picked up by others. So that raises the question, “How can a leader find clarity for themselves?” I share the following metaphor in my book, Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Decisions, Bigger Results…

“If a pond is clouded with mud, there’s nothing you can do to make the water clear.

But when you allow the mud to settle, it will clear on its own, because clarity is the water’s natural state…”

Clarity is your mind’s natural state. The mind is a self-correcting system and, like the pond, it will clear automatically if left to its own devices. So if this is the case, why don’t more people have clarity more of the time? Two reasons:

1) They don’t realise their mind is self-correcting, so they try to help it along (Eg. With techniques, affirmations, alcohol etc)

2) They have a lot of “superstitious thinking” that keeps them stirred up, based on what I call the “outside-in misunderstanding”, the mistaken belief that we’re feeling something other than our thinking.

The study of Innate Thinking® is a way to “see through” correct this. As people start to see through the outside-in misunderstanding they find themselves experiencing more clarity, more of the time.

Ton de Graaf:  Most of our readers are coaches. How can coaches support their clients best to bring about more clarity by using creativity and authenticity?

Jamie Smart: Creativity and Authenticity are two of the 8 “deep drivers” that are an expression of our innate thinking (see diagram “Innate Thinking Drives Leadership Attributes”). Like clarity, they’re a natural aspect of who we really are (spend the day with a 2-year old, and you’ll see numerous brilliant demonstrations of creativity and authenticity.) There’s only one thing that ever gets in the way of these deep drivers for coaches AND for their clients: Superstitious thinking!

The mistaken belief that we’re feeling something other than our thinking (Eg. Our bank balance / partner / boss / clients / future / past / children / exam etc) is the source of the vast majority of our problems as individuals, and as an entire society. As people learn about the “inside-out” nature of experience by exploring the principles behind Innate Thinking®, they wake up from their superstitious thinking and get more and more deeply connected with the creativity, authenticity and wisdom that is at the core of our being.

Clarity Leadership Attributes



I hope you enjoyed this interview with Jamie Smart and that you’ll check out his book:

Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results

Buy the book between March 12th – 31st, 2013 and you will receive:

  • Access to a collection of dozens of Jamie’s Clarity training videos, including many coaching demos, to help guide you to finding your own clarity
  • Free access to a special 1-day “Kickstart Your Clarity” event, which you can attend either in London OR on online via live stream from anywhere in the world.

Thanks for reading! Please share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback.

AND… be sure to follow Jamie tomorrow when the next stop on the Virtual Blog Tour is Paula Tarrant, who will be interviewing Jamie on the topic of unexpected keys to intuitive thinking. To visit that “stop” on the tour, go to

Worldwide Coaching Magazine, March 2013

Current issue.

The Worldwide Coaching Magazine:

March 2013:

Coaching Is Not Therapy, Counseling, Mentoring or Training.

So, what is the difference?

Coaching Is Not Just for High School Athletes.

Young people now more than ever will need to develop self-leadership skills.

When It Comes To Coaching, Are You As Creative As You Can Be?

Building a Creative Coach’s tool kit can been very rewarding.

The Creative Coach’s Corner.

Unleashing Creativity One Word at a Time.

Investing In Your Self Through Coaching

Bonnie wonders if she’s ever done anything she really loved. So, she gets a coach!

Overcoming an Adaptive Challenge  

Successful CEOs know that, to keep their companies growing,

competence must be accompanied by a new consciousness.


Ethical Twitter Marketing Strategies? Here’s the Book That Shows How.

I’m writing today to let you know about a brand new book written by my friend Lynn Serafinn. The book is called Tweep-e-licious! 158 Twitter Tips & Strategies for Writers, Social Entrepreneurs & Changemakers Who Want to Market Their Business Ethically.


I’ve read Tweep-e-licious! and I have to say that this one is a keeper.

Unlike any other book on social media you may have read, Tweep-e-licious!, successfully marries practical ‘how to’ Twitter skills with a deep understanding of ethics, communication and human relationships.

At nearly 300 pages long, this is NOT a collection of ‘quick tips’, but a comprehensive manual of ethical marketing strategies that can help you build a motivated online network and create effective marketing campaigns for your book, business or social cause.

If you’ve tried Twitter but you never quite ‘got’ it, Tweep-e-licious! will help you overcome your Twitterphobia; create an effective profile; create a strong business platform; understand Twitter lingo; find and connect with your ideal audience; leverage the power of Twitter lists; create and use hashtags; and much more.

AND, if you already love Twitter but would like to take it to the max, you will find a wealth of information on: creating compelling content; building strong Twitter relationships; creating collaborative marketing campaigns; monetising strategies (and mistakes!); automation tools; Twitter contests; crowd funding campaigns; personal sustainability; RSS, expansion and influence; and MUCH more.


is available on Amazon
in both Kindle and paperback.
Click Here to buy it

 The book and Kindle are also available on ALL other Amazon sites throughout the world.


Author Lynn Serafinn is a worldwide leader in the field of ethical marketing. Her 2011 book The 7 Graces of Marketing — How to Heal Humanity and the Planet by Changing the Way We Sell was a #1 bestseller in ethics and marketing. She was recently named one of the Top 100 marketing authors on Twitter by Social Media Magazine and was selected as a finalist for the prestigious Brit Writers Awards. As a marketing consultant, she has produced a long list of bestselling non-fiction authors. She is also the Founder of the 7 Graces Project, who are developing training programmes on the theory and practice of ethical marketing strategies.

Tweep-e-licious! is guided by the cutting-edge marketing paradigm Lynn first introduced in her The 7 Graces of Marketing. Because of this, it will give you a deeper understanding of the unique world of online communications, relationships and human motivation so you can create high-quality, engaging content that creates the inviting kind of impact you — as an ethical entrepreneur — want to make.


 When you buy the book, there’s a “secret” web link where you can download a FREE Twitter Resource Pack, including:

  • A 90-minute MP3 of Lynn’s Tweep-e-licious audio class,
  • A fully hyperlinked list and commentary of over 100 useful Twitter resources.
  • PLUS, if you buy the book and register for your resource pack before the end of January, your name will be entered into a prize draw for a private 90-minute Twitter marketing session with Lynn.

I do hope you’ll check it out. Again, to get your copy of the book (and the bonus gifts) go to: Ethical Twitter Marketing Strategies? Here’s the Book That Shows How.